Beneath the glitz and the bling, even the most glamorous cakes still hanker
after a sense of tradition.

The wedding cake has become something of a showstopper, with the most expensive wedding cake ever made costing an eye- (or should we say mouth-) watering £32 million.

As you’d expect celebrities lead the way, from having cakes designed and created that are over ten feet tall, to those adorned with thousands of flowers, or even thousands of Swarovski diamonds. Indeed, the cake for our very own Kate and Will was rumoured to have cost a tasty £50,000, consisting of eight tiers of fruitcake that were covered in a variety of 17 different kinds of flowers, each with its own symbolic meaning.

English rose, Scottish thistle, Welsh daffodil, and Irish shamrock were all there to represent the home nations, displayed on the seventh tier. Just below, on the sixth tier, was a scrolling cartographic display of the couple’s initials surrounded by sugar-pasted lily of the valley flowers to symbolize sweetness and humility.

When completed, the cake was embellished with 900 sugar-pasted floral petals and placed in the picture gallery of Buckingham Palace to await the royal couple’s cutting of the wedding cake.

Beneath the glitz and the bling, even the most glamorous cakes still hanker after a sense of tradition. And that is why it is still all about the cake, whether you aim high or for detail, make it from chocolate or even cheese, whatever you choose the tradition of the wedding cake continues to stand the test of time.

The Cheese Cake
With the trend towards edible favours such as cupcakes and cake-pops, this new take on the after dinner cheese board is becoming increasingly popular. Choose your favourite cheeses to make up the tiers decorated with grapes, figs, or even flowers all served up on a rustic style wooden board. Simply served with baskets of biscuits and crackers, this savoury dessert is a winner and your guests can go back again and again throughout the course of the evening.



The Simple and Traditional
The classic white, three-tier fruit cake continues to be a recipe that works. Nowadays there is more variation on the icing, perhaps add some cut-out motifs, coloured ribbon, pearls and fresh flower decorations. You can even go for a simple sponge cake or flavoured layer as well as the fruit cake. Traditionally a white cake symbolised virginity and purity, it’s also traditional to reserve the top tier to keep for the christening of your first child.


The Cupcake
Cupcakes are set to stay – pretty, colour co-ordinated and easy to serve they are perfect for a country garden or vintage style wedding. Choose the foils and wrappers to suit your scheme, decorate with stunning sugar flowers, intricate piping, fresh flowers or sprinkles and there are also lots of different ways of displaying them too. As favours, why not pop them inside a vintage style teacup or a wedding cupcake box, there are so many pretty designs to choose from nowadays. Or, if you’re not having a full on wedding cake, tiered cake stands will provide the perfect centre-piece.

The Statement Cake
More and more couples are looking for something different that will really stand out – hand painted designs, metallic finishes, textured icing such as buttercream ruffles, entire display tables with not just a cake, but desserts, edible favours and sweets. Designs are getting bigger, brighter and better by the minute. What’s more, you can colour co-ordinate to match your theme.
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